I. 1989 – 1994.  INITIAL STEPS

Performance is not hallmarked by time but by the result.

  • acceptance of general contracting assignments in the field of architectural engineering
  • set-up of specialized (static, mechanical, electrical) design teams
  • laying down the foundations of the project management organization
  • start of bridge design activities
  • establishment of CÉH stability in the following fields:
    • market
    • finances
    • operation
  • launch of basic technical and technological developments
  • community is born from the organization
  • number of CÉH employees reaches 30 persons

II. 1995 – 2002.  AGE OF YOUTH

Instead of giving the minimum that is sufficient we give the maximum that is possible.

  • changes in and development of the organization in line with market expectations
  • decision on the construction of our office building
  • emergence of new divisions:introduction of ISO 9001 quality management systemwinning of design and PM assignments of large projects
    • facility management
    • traffic architecture
  • emergence of management ability for large projects
  • further reinforcement of our management ability through new managers
  • change of approach: the company is not only a group of engineers but a structured and managed organization
  • number of employees increases to 50-60 persons

 III. 2002-2008.  AGE OF ADULTHOOD

Creation is our passion.

  • establishment of additional new divisions:
    • industrial park development
    • real estate development
    • urban development
  • further training of employees:moving into the new office building – the move leads to a new organizational structure
    • 40 graduates from CÉH Academy
    • organization enabled to communicate in English, German and French during daily work
  • ambitious technical-technological development efforts:launch of planned market management, set-up of marketing teamdevelopment of management systems
    • creation of our own copying workshop
    • construction of internal network, launch of intranet
    • installation of project server
    • introduction of network-based design work
    • daily use of network-based software products
  • winning of large work orders from foreign investors
  • introduction of ISO 14001 environmental management system
  • affiliate founded in Romania as a first step of our international expansion
  • creation of holding organization to ensure uniform group management


The value of today is the opportunity of tomorrow.

  • 11 persons obtain MBA qualification to further improve our management abilities
  • new design tasks won for major projects abroad, new relationships built, new affiliates and representation offices founded abroad
  • establishment of CÉH International zRt to ensure the uniform management of our international operations
  • establishment of CÉH Healthcare Group as the first special group to ensure the joint applicability of the special skills of members
  • preference of renewable energy sources during our design work
  • foreign study trips organized to improve our skills
  • conditions established for the use of LEED and BREEAM rating systems
  • introduction of OHSAS 18001:2007 (occupational health and safety management system) and VMR (railway quality management system)
  • our creative developments are turned into projects