Drafts, studies

Drafts, studies, and a concept design embracing the whole development program.It aims to support clarifying the client’s/investor’s intentions, to analyse some technical issue in special focus of the building facility to be established, and to review the whole development for the purpose of possible and recommended solutions.

Building development concept

It aims to identify the ideas for siting and in-site arrangement of the planned project, to form floor plan arrangement concepts typical to the functional arrangement, space connections, and dimensions of the planned building.

Preliminary or detailed feasibility study

It aims to analyse the technical/economic feasibility of the owner’s/investor’s intention and to ground an initial decision on the implementation.

Plan documentation for building permit application

It aims to assure for experts from the authority and competent authority to judge at what a rate the planned building facility will comply with relevant specifications and regulations and how it fits to the given surroundings as well as to check whether in case of constructing the building it will be suitable for proper use.

Tender plan

The depth of elaborating the permit application plan is determined primarily by the plan documentation a bit outspending with the calculation of dimensions and quantities and with the priced bill of quantities attached.

I aims to select the contractors eligible and competent for implementing the development based on quotations made by them for the tender plans.

Project plan

It is the textual and graphical processing of the construction jobs forming a part of the development and containing clear, cost-effective, and feasible solutions.

I aims to supply plans to contractors, manufacturers, and suppliers with particularities required for the implementation.

As-built plan

It is a documentation made by the Designer according to a complete definite project plan on which deviations from any planned details are clearly fixed by the Building Contractor.

It aims to fix any deviations made during completion from the plan documentation with a legally binding building permit and to document the conditions implemented in fact.

Overall design

We undertake to perform the overall design work of building complexes, buildings, structures or engineering structures ordered by the Client for any function at any location either in Hungary or in any other country specified by the Client. The design work may include engineering services related to newly constructed buildings or to buildings in need of enlargement, reconstruction or refurbishment. In order to complete the design tasks at high level, we undertake to work with the best professionals of special technical fields if necessary.

Network design

In particular, these projects include the representation offices, agencies or commercial units of various institutions, companies or bureaus either in Hungary or abroad. System development, application of uniform principles, implementation of a large quantity of units constitute its essential elements. They also include the network points of banks or fuel suppliers.

Examples of network design assignments include architectural design works related to public utility and transport networks such as the buildings of stops, stations and intermodal hubs, or the receiving/switching station buildings of public utilities.

Urban planning

The design works often extend the boundaries of construction sites. Such an extension in space is typical of the network design assignments; however, urban planning tasks require a similarly complex approach. Urban planning work may be required for the design engineering of a building or building complex when there is no valid settlement plan for the affected construction site or block of sites, or when a valid settlement plan is needed for the official permit of the building in question.

Such urban planning tasks are based on analyzing the built environment, the economic environment, the natural and social environment.

Urban planning tasks of greater volume must be completed mostly by preparing creative  developments and elaborating concepts affecting entire settlements or urban districts. The majority of these tasks go beyond the usual industry limits and require the involvement of numerous specialists depending on the actual project framework.

Designer’s site supervision

Scrupulous designers always make efforts to make sure that the building or structure designed by them will be executed at least in accordance with their plans. These efforts may be greatly helped if the designers take part in the phase of project execution to assist the building contractors by interpreting his plan on the site or make some partial plans as required.