Renovation of the L’Huillier-Coburg Castle of Edelény, one of the largest and most remarkable baroque castles of Hungary, is approaching to completion (the Castles of Fertőd and Gödöllő are considered more significant due to their locations).

The castle was erected on the “island” circled by River Bódva and the dead channel of Bódva. Visitors may park their cars and are received on the left bank of the Bódva, in an area and a building created by the side of the city. They can get to the Castle-island through the pedestrian bridge designed by CÉH zRt.

The span of the bridge is 28.05 m, and it is 5.35-10.64 m wide.

The bottom edge of the construction had to be elevated due to the extraordinary flood of 2010, and this has caused some delay in the construction works.

The opening ceremony of the bridge is expected to be held in June 2013, at the same time with that of the Castle.