The Millenáris G building has completed its repair work and will now welcome visitors in its full glory for the various programmes. The building has a number of rooms that can be used separately or in combination for a wide range of events, including the possibility of converting the new Hall 4 into a catering area.

Even the representative of the Monuments and Sites Authority expressed his satisfaction with the renovation, which has been carried out in full aesthetic compliance with the character of the listed building, during the official visit prior to the occupation permit.

The success of the project was reflected in the constructive, time- and energy-conscious attitude of all those involved (investor, builder, technical inspector, designer, contractor).

Designer: Céh Zrt. and Mata-Dóre Architektúra Kft.

Contractor and technical supervisor: CÉH Zrt.

Contractor: HUNÉP

Investor: Millenáris