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Integrated Management Policy


With our engineering and development expertise, we bring Value, System and Value System into the world to build the future for today’s and the next generations. Taking advantage of most modern digital technologies, we are at the forefront of innovation and sustainable growth. By sharing our knowledge, we help our partners and our professional environment.


As an innovative community that adapts to professional, technological, social, economic and environmental changes, and as a key and and excellent players in the Hungarian building and development industry, we grow our international presence and build partnerships.


Quality ideas, designs, buildings, methods created by our abilities and by applying advanced technologies and aiming at making the world sustainable and better.


The methods, digital tools, state of the art technologies we apply to turn processes into a planned and transparent system.


Our moral and ethical principles that define our attitude in our profession, community, society, economy, and the natural environment.


As a major and excellent engineering actor on the Hungarian construction & development market, we strive for an expanding international partnership and presence.

Our aim is to get familiar with customer/principal needs in time as thoroughly as possible and in all cases to adapt the quality of our services to the expectations recognized in that way. To do so, we use the latest technologies such as 3D and BIM based planning systems and offer them to our customers.

We evaluate customer feedback and seek to keep the partnership alive even after closing the projects.

To retain our staff, we take responsibility to support their professional development and help in their predictable professional carrier. By all means available to us, we encourage our staff to improve their knowledge, train themselves, learn about and use the state-of-the-art tools and software. We are creating a professional community of people. The management of our company involves the staff in the stages of decision making, taking into account their proposals.

The management is consistent in making the staff to have a clear vision of

  • their task in accurate recording and strict adherence to workflows;
  • their role in developing and improving commitment to quality;
  • their responsibility for quality of the services they produce or they contribute to.

We are committed to full compliance with the principles of sustainable development and unconditionally expect the same behaviour from our partners and contribute to the dissemination of a responsible business ethics on the long term.

In the course of our activities, we fully enforce the environmental standards to minimize impact on and to prevent pollution of the environment. In our work we strive to replace conventional solutions with the use of renewable energy.

We set objectives for the prevention, early detection, and elimination of occupational safety and health risks and impacts, as well as making the staff aware of the requirements for safe working.

We are committed to securing safe and salubrious working conditions, observing legal and other standards, as well as consulting with employees and their representatives in this context.

We are in cooperation with subcontractors/suppliers, seeking business partnerships predictable and mutually beneficial on the long term.

We are constantly improving our integrated management system on quality, environment as well as occupational health and safety and on this basis, we update our objectives and programs.

Budapest, 01. 12. 2021.

Attila Tóth