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Bridge Design & Engineering

Plans for new bridges or bridge renewal construction works and as-built drawings of structures are made at the level of study, authorization or construction plan according to customer requirements by our engineers having outstanding professional experience and knowledge. Planning the structures is supported by state-of-the-art software tools.

Providing feasibility study

The compilation of feasibility studies to be undertaken in connection with road, railway, walkway and bicycle network development will be carried out in cooperation with our partners who design linear facilities. Several route versions will be drawn up, assessing the bridge and structure requirements of each version. In case of crossing rivers or major valleys, a feasibility study for several bridge versions is made using various structural constructions and materials.

Concept Design

Shape and appearance of the planned facilities is developed in cooperation with experienced architects. The structures planned in the study phase are adapted to the existing environment (planned or natural) and developed so as to match it. To demonstrate this, 3-dimensional models are made. Through animations and visualizations, a more substantial information is given to decision makers.

Design of construction technologies

It is always required to use special technologies for the construction of individual, wide span bridges or the ones built at a great height. In general, the technology to be used is retroactive to structural design, being in continuous interaction with it.
Depending on the specific design phase, generic technology design is carried out or in case a particular customer requirement, the construction technology fit to the available asset and equipment fleet, as well as the temporary support structures.

Tender preparation and cost estimate

In the competitive tendering period, support is given according to the contractor requirements. Subject to an agreement, the tender design drawn up may contain plans of authorization to construction level, Bills of Quantities and quantity calculations, technical specifications, as well as cost estimates relying on up-to-date database giving help to evaluate the proposals for works.

Design supervision

Subsequent change requirements coming to light during construction, as well as structures made otherwise than planned are given priority during the Design supervision. Requirement for the architect to supervise and check the implementation according to the plan of the structure under construction arises mainly in case of exceptional specific design solutions.

Technical supervision

In the course of the implementation process, technical supervisors represent the clients’ interests as well as check the proficiency of construction, as well as the observance of relevant legislation, authority regulations, standards, contracts and those set out in the construction documents.

Expertise and consultancy

Expert’s or consultant’s duties following constructional defects, natural disasters, damages to structure and other cases of force majeure are given priority.

Design verification

Taking into account the law requirements, verification of the design documents in various design phases and independent structural calculations both in cases specified by the Authority and of customer requirement is carried out by our highly skilled engineers having an outstanding professional experience.

Testing of bridge condition and inspection of bridge structure

The inspection of bridges (main test, target test and other tests) is made through the engagement of partners such as geodesist, geotechnician and material inspector, if required. Based on the test results, a proposal for actions and interventions to be done is worked out.

Design of roads and urban transport

As one of the lead companies on the engineering services market, CÉH Inc. is to promote a complex approach to planning responsibilities and from this perspective, it assumes responsibility of generic nature in coordination of planning large projects.

Beyond civil engineering and bridge planning responsibilities to which priority is given by CÉH Inc., transport planning usually forms an integral part of planning responsibilities in civil engineering and town planning. For large projects, where transport planning responsibilities arise in the wider perspective of network development, specialist companies focusing on this domain or highly skilled experts are engaged in planning.