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Building Design and Engineering

Building Design is one of the full-scale engineering services offered by CÉH. It is offered alone as building design services, as well as together with our Project Management and Bridge Design services.

Our Building Design department has the following activities:

  • design and planning for international clients;
  • design for international projects in Hungary and in an international standard environment;
  • design and planning in cooperation with international partners;
  • design and planning according to the guidelines of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects and Hungarian Chamber of Engineers, also international ones (HOAI, BREEAM, LEED, etc.);
  • design and planning according to Hungarian, EU (MSZ, EN) and other foreign standards (DIN, ASA, Russian standards, etc.)

Design & engineering projects we mainly work on, are:

  • the green field investments,
  • brown field investments, and
  • projects connected with listed buildings.


Over the last decades, our design department has gained extensive international experience and cross generational know-how. Our 90-member multilingual team covers all design departments (architects, electrical, HVAC, structural) and their work is managed by a project coordination team. For maintain high-level quality, our teams are working with state-of-the-art design solutions (BIM and GIS) and tools (e.g. 3D design, 3D laser scanning, drone films).

Our Building Design department focuses on maximum representation of the Client’s interests and meeting the Client’s demands.

Our Services

Our Building Design department undertakes full-scale design assignments, done by our in-house (architectural, structural, HVAC, electrical) design teams. Each specialised engineering team works as one entity or as separate services.

The success of our work is achieved by:

  • the project coordination team,
  • the multiple in-house architect studios,
  • the structural design team,
  • the HVAC design team,
  • the electrical design team and
  • the BIM and GIS team.

A full list of our specialised engineering and design services here.

Consultancy and Special Engineering Services

  • Site analyses, Due Diligence Report (DDR)
  • Development and optimisation of urban and building development concepts
  • Technical feasibility studies
  • Investment technical program, planning program
  • Build-up studies
  • Architectural consultancy
  • Building structural consultancy
  • Structural consultancy
  • Building engineering consultancy
  • Building electricity consultancy
  • Energy consultancy
  • Analysis and application of renewable energy sources
  • Condition and status surveys
  • Environmental impact studies, preliminary, detailed, IPPC
  • Soil mechanical expert report
  • Soil and groundwater contamination/pollution analysis
  • Geodetic survey
  • Acoustic consultancy
  • Investment cost analysis
  • Investment process schedules
  • Operating system setup (PM preparation)