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Integrierte Managementrichtlinie


With our engineering and development expertise we bring value, system and value system in the world to build the future.


All the quality thoughts, creations and facilities based on human endeavor, which is established by our abilities.


The method by which we control processes integrated into a system.


Our moral and ethical principles that define our attitude in our community, society and markets.


As outstanding engineering experts in the Hungarian design, building & development market, we are striving to increase our international presence through establishing partnerships.


Our objective is to get familiar with the requirements of clients/customers in due time and as thoroughly as possible, and to adjust, in each case, the quality of our services to said requirements. To this end we apply and offer to our clients state-of-the-art technological solutions and the 3D and BIM based design systems. We appreciate feedbacks from our clients and make every effort to keep the relationship with our partners enduring even after the project is closed. We act with the highest possible care when our colleagues are recruited and selected. To retain our workers we assume the responsibility for supporting their professional development, give assistance in building a viable professional career and build our professional culture and community. We encourage, with all available tools, our workers to develop their knowledge, take part in training course, get familiar with and use the latest and most modern devices and software. We do our best to improve work conditions to make our services even better. When decisions are made our Company considers the recommendation of our colleagues who are involved in the preparatory works of decision-making as well. Our colleagues are committed to perform activities in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 standard and those of OHSAS 18001:2007 assessment series. The management of our Company consistently attempts to make its workers understand:

  • their duties in terms of recording and observing relevant provisions and work processes,
  • their role in developing their commitment to quality and in improving quality continuously,
  • their responsibility for the quality of the services rendered by them or through their cooperation. We are committed to the full observance of the principles of sustainable development and we expect our partners to show the same conduct. In the long run we contribute to spreading a business – ethic conduct that is responsible in terms of the society as well. In the course of our activities we meet environment protection requirements in full and do our best to reduce the environmental impact to the minimum and to prevent the contamination of the environment. When performing works we try to replace traditional solutions with renewable energy. We set the target to recognize dangers in terms of labor and health protection, to detect, prevent and eliminate impacts at an early state as well as to make our colleagues understand the requirements related to performing work duties safely. In the course of their work our employees always observe relevant regulations and provisions as well as all effective standards related to their work. We cooperate with our subcontractors/suppliers to maintain and to continuously develop quality. We work with qualified suppliers and apply standardized technologies and work processes. Our goal is to establish foreseeable, mutually advantageous and long-term business connections with our partners. We regularly review our integrated control system, monitor the changes in factors in terms of quality and the environment, the situation related to health protection and security at the workplace and update our targets and programs based on related results. Budapest, 01. 09. 2017. Attila Tóth, CEO-president