Our Bridge Design Department’s team has taken part in the design of a newly built pedestrian bridge of the city of Hyvinkää, 50 km north of Helsinki, on behalf of NRC, a Finnish engineering company. The bridge connects a new urban development area with the built-up district. The outward leaning steel arch bridge designed by the team of CÉH spans over the main opening, while the connecting reinforced concrete sections were designed by engineers of the Finnish SWECO.

The entire structure of the arch bridge is made of corten steel, which is known for the special oxide layer formed on its surface that makes the structure less exposed to the elements. This layer of rust that develops in a few months will give the arch bridge a unique brownish color.

The Vanhankirkonsilta bridge is one of our most recent bridge design projects with 3D design. The outstanding work of both SWECO and CÉH engineers made the smooth international cooperation and the seamless data provision possible.

You can watch the installation process that was broadcasted live on Youtube by clicking HERE.