INTERSPAR Siklósi Road in Pécs, which opened last week, has become one of the most modern hypermarkets in South Transdanubia, has renovated in record time, in less than half a year. The facility, which meets the technological and quality requirements of the 21st century, has further expanded its range of products to meet special needs, with a special focus on health-conscious nutrition, organic and diabetic foods. At the entrance of the store, an INTERSPAR to Go unit offers locally prepared food, which is not only available to take away, but also for consumption on the spot in a pleasant environment.

New energy-efficient refrigerators, vegetable racks, bakery furniture and cash registers have been installed inside. A solar panel system and LED lighting in the lecture area will help meet the building's electrical needs more economically, while the new carbon-based refrigeration system is also an environmentally friendly solution.

During the INTERSPAR hypermarket project in Pécs, our colleagues of Project Management Department performed the complete project management and technical supervision tasks.