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CATL Battery Factory

Contemporary Amperex Technology Hungary Kft. (the Hungarian project company of the Chinese company, CATL) is planning to build its first plant in Hungary in the Southern Industrial Park of Debrecen, in a 105-hectare greenfield industrial area. The plant will produce batteries, primarily for electric vehicles. The investment is planned to be located in the area south of the industrial park, close to Debrecen International Airport. The Hungarian investment is called the CATL EU2 Project (also referred to as the ’Vivaldi Project’).

Half of the available land will be developed in the first phase of the investment. In January 2023, CÉH zRt. was awarded the contract for the general design (concept design, outline design, permit design, tender design, construction design) of 16 buildings (total floor area: 96091 m2) out of the approximately 23 buildings (total floor area: 335484 m2) to be located here.

The foundation works of some buildings have already begun, and the Investor is planning to start the commissioning of the entire first phase in the 4th quarter of 2024.

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