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SK Battery Phase I-II

Over the past period of more than 50 years, SK Innovation has become the leading and largest energy and chemical corporation in South Korea. Its plant located in the expansion area of the Komárom Industrial Park manufactures batteries for electric vehicles.

Between 2018 and 2019, the 3 main production buildings (electrode, assembly and shaping plant) and the related ancillary buildings were implemented in phase I. Beyond the industrial structures, during design, major emphasis also had to be placed on the dry manufacturing and clean spaces, and the design of suspended ceilings with large headroom.

After the first phase, in phase II (2019-2020), the new complete plant section – with corresponding capacity and size – was completed by adjustment to the lot’s characteristics.

In first phase, colleagues of CÉH Design Department prepared a Basic Design, tender design and implementation design in relation to all disciplines.

In the second phase, implementation design was prepared in the architecture and statics disciplines for the Shell&Core.

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