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CEH_M6_autópálya_műtárgyai_(17 db)_(Bátaszék - Bóly)_001.jpg

M6 motorway - Engineering structures (17) (Bátaszék - Bóly)

General design of 16 engineering structures, total surface of 64,690 m², width ranging from 12.13 to 32.08 m, total length of 2,273 m, monolithic reinforced concrete, post-tensioned reinforced concrete, precast bridge girder superstructure bridges.

The main bridges include valley bridge no. 1693 of reinforced concrete box cross-section made with push forward technology, length: 280 m (greatest span: 50 m) and valley bridge no. 1727 made with prefabricated beam bridge superstructure, length: 482 m, greatest pillar height: almost 30 m.

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