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Technical supervision over the NATO Pápa Air Base C-17 Hangar Development Project

SAC Hangar Complex is the key component of the infrastructure development program implemented by Strategic Airlift Capability (SAC) at Pápa Air Base, Hungary. The program provides strategic military air transport capabilities for 12 member states, including Hungary.

The new SAC Hangar Complex consists of an aircraft repair hangar, a maintenance facility as well as an office building. The Complex covering a total of appr. 20,000 sqm floor area will accommodate continuously operating SAC facilities that will be performing their functionalities for a minimum of 30 years throughout the program. Also, the SAC program will provide an opportunity for performing servicing and maintenance works on the huge aircraft type C-17 at Pápa Air Base, resulting in lower maintenance costs and higher aircraft availability rates for all SAC states. CÉH has provided technical supervision service during this project.

(source: építészfórum.hu)

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