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MOL Campus

The 28-story tower of MOL Campus and the podium are expected to await the ca. 2000-2500 colleagues of MOL Nyrt. from 2022.

Differing from traditional office buildings in many aspects, the Campus is one of the most innovative office investments in Budapest. The 120-meter-high building is already a specialty in the Hungarian capital, not to mention the usage of high-quality materials, and the elaborated design of public spaces and gardens. In addition to the application of the most advanced technologies (e.g. special surface heating and cooling solutions, high-speed elevators, IoT systems), great emphasis has been placed on the environmental conscious design of the building. Exceptional in the market, it strives to obtain both high-level LEED and BREEAM certifications.

This project is a perfect example of the comprehensive portfolio of services provided by our company: the CÉH Project Management Department is supported by the colleagues of the Building Design Department. Thus, we provide project management, the reviewing of plans, BIM consulting and technical inspection tasks, and also advisory to the Client throughout the green certification processes.

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