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Bartók Court II office complex, ‘A’ wing

“Bartók Court II”, an “A+” category office building development of the Infogroup, has modern, avant-garde style elements. It is located on Bartók Béla út in District XI of South-Buda, easily accessible by public transport. The ‘A’ wing of the complex has a total of 8,000 m2 net leasable area, on 6 floors. It includes a 5,000 m2 underground garage and hallway, as well as a ground-floor café.

The external appearance of “Bartók Court II” was inspired by the Fibonacci number series, engineering sciences, cultural heritage and Béla Bartók himself. It is no coincidence that the window design reminds us of piano keys or even a rhythmic piano piece. The structured glass façade imitates the colours of the seasons to the outside and reflects the atmosphere of the weather from the inside. It even provides shading in a more functional manner than a traditional glass façade.

During mass formation, the developer Infogroup has paid attention to articulate the building in a way not oppress the neighboring environment.

The building has numerous environmentally conscious features. For example, the building is not even connected to the gas supply at all. Instead, modern cooling and heating systems are powered by a heat pump. In addition to water-saving sanitary systems, user-friendly, vibration-free lighting, soundproof windows and plenty of natural light with modern shading technology all serve sustainability. The building is BREEAM “Very Good” certified, in line with which environmental awareness was important both during the construction and operation too.

One of the interesting aspects of the investment is that two additional floors were built on top of the parking garage of the first phase. The reinforcement needed to withstand the additional load was a challenging engineering task.

Colleagues of our Project Management Department performed project management and technical inspection tasks throughout the second development phase. 

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