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Vanhankirkonsilta - Old Church Finnish Pedestrian Bridge

On behalf of the SWECO’s Finnish engineering department, the staff of our Bridge Design Department participated in the design of the newly built pedestrian bridge in Hyvinkää, a settlement located 50 km north of Helsinki. The passage will connect the city and a new development area and will lead above the existing railway lines and station.

The entire bridge consists of three superstructures: composite structure access bridges at each end and in between a trough arch bridge with a 55 m bay, spanning over the railway line. The outward-leaning bridge section with free-standing arch supports was designed by CÉH, while the access bridges were designed by the engineers of SWECO’s Finnish department.

The entire structure is made of corten steel. Its special feature is the oxide layer developing in a few months on its surface and protecting the structure from unfavourable weather conditions. This rust layer provides the arch bridge’s characteristic brownish colour.

Construction works may begin in the autumn of 2020, residents of Hyvinkää are expected to benefit from the pedestrian bridge already in 2021.

The so called “Vanhankirkonsilta”, which means Old Church’s, bridge is one of our latest 3D bridge design works. Smooth international cooperation and seamless data supply was made possible by the outstanding work of both SWECO and CÉH engineers. 

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