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Laser Scanner Survey of the Museum of Transport

The Museum of Transport will have a new “home” at the former MÁV Northern Vehicle Repair site, which will be renewed with a change of function. The new cultural quarter of Budapest will soon be born in the area located on Kőbányai road, where, in addition to the museum, the new Art Studios and rehearsal centre of the Hungarian State Opera will soon move in as well.

For the announcement of the international design contest for the new museum and as a basis for the design and renovation tasks, the company CÉH has prepared the 3D BIM basic model with a level of detail of LoD300 for the 21 buildings of the site and a survey of the buildings’ environment by way of a laser scanner survey. The survey and modelling of the approximately 10-hectare survey area and the existing buildings took 3 and a half months. The diversity of building types and their sizes posed a serious challenge in respect of both the survey and modelling. Of particular note is the diesel hall with its 22,000 m2 size, or the “Törekvés” [Aspiration] Cultural Centre, which is one of the oldest cultural institutions of the country still in operation, or the bunker built during the Cold War.

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