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Specsavers Lens Manufacturing Plant

Mátészalka, Hungary
11 000 m2
Takenaka Hungária Co. Ltd.
January 2008 - March 2009

This project started with several preparation negotiations with the Client and their legal advisor. Finally we gathered to negotiate the contract at the lawyer’s office. Regarding that the Client’s representative was not a property development expert we arrived to a huge misunderstanding. Client thought that CÉH is a main contractor, providing design and build services, however we providing engineering services only, no construction at all. That was the point where we quickly invited a main contractor, so that the Client could get what he wanted – a design and build contract – without any loss of time. Takenaka, the Japanese contractor joined us quickly, and as a pioneer project, in cooperation with them this was the first ever project of Takenaka, working for a non-Japanese client in Europe. The timing expectations were quite strict, however the new development was handed over to client even earlier then the contracted deadline. The project itself, in which we delivered the full design services and provided, environmental and fire protection experts was a great success and finally both construction and design was awarded by one of the highest appreciation of the professionals.